Landfill Gas to Energy

Landfill Gas to Energy at the Pine Bluff Landfill

Did you know that the Pine Bluff Landfill is a renewable energy resource? It uses the methane gas typically generated from the decomposition of waste, to provide a renewable energy resource for Cherokee County. There is a landfill gas to energy plant on the actual property of the Pine Bluff Landfill and that plant provides some of the energy resources necessary to power the Pilgrim's Pride plant just down the road. The energy derived from this renewable resource is equivalent to powering 3,500 homes, or reducing greenhouse emissions from 23,000 cars on our roadways or saving 294,800 barrels of oil per year!

This is one of the many renewable energy projects Waste Management has undertaken in their operating communities in an effort to be environmental stewards and recycle what typically would have been a wasted resource.

Gas Flare

Gas Plant