Single-stream recycling is focused on making it easier for people to recycle. Single-stream is made possible through the use of various mechanized screens and optical sorting technologies used in many of Waste Management's Material Recovery Facilities (MRF's) or recycling plants.

The Pine Bluff Landfill participates in single-stream recycling practices. They have single-stream collection points at Blalock Road and Hobgood Park. They also collect paper and cardboard, and carts for aluminum cans and plastic bottles at Kenny Askew Park, Dwight Terry Park and J.J. Biello Park. They have also replaced the cardboard trailers that the county used at schools and county offices with larger, more durable bins for cardboard and mixed paper collection at no charge.
The cost associated with these provided services saves the county approximately $100,000 per year and does not increase costs for the taxpayer. The county mans the sites and employs the operators to monitor the sites at Blalock Road and Hobgood Park.

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