Wildlife Preservation

Waste Management, Inc. is a member of the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) since 1989, a standing that exemplifies its commitment to improving wildlife habitat through the enrichment of pre-existing habitat and the establishment of new habitat on the company’s land holdings. In 2006, Waste Management received WHC’s President’s Award based on the company’s wildlife habitat management and environmental education programs at several sites across North America. In 2008, the company received numerous awards at the Wildlife Habitat Council’s 20th annual symposium, including the organization’s most prestigious award, The William W. Howard C.E.O. Award, named in honor of the late president of WHC. The C.E.O. (Conservation Education and Outreach Award) recognizes a corporate member, which has a history of striving for excellence in conservation, education and outreach. Waste Management currently has 49 certified sites out of a goal of 100 sites certified by 2020.

The Pine Bluff Landfill recently applied to the Wildlife Habitat Council’s "Wildlife at Work" program to better manage the habitats of the white-tailed deer and the Eastern wild turkey, species commonly found at the site. Applying for this certification will enable the Pine Bluff Landfill to get assistance from the WHC in its efforts to improve the site’s wildlife habitats and to provide a formal structure to the game management program already in place at the Pine Bluff Landfill. Furthermore, partnership with WHC provides Waste Management, Inc. with an opportunity to demonstrate responsible corporate environmental stewardship by formulating and implementing a balanced and operative wildlife management program.