Message from Brian Evola

Greetings from Brian

Mr. Brian Evola
District Manager, Pine Bluff and Chadwick Road Landfills

Greetings! I am Brian Evola and I am the District Manager for the Pine Bluff and Chadwick Road Landfills in the South Atlantic Market Area of Waste Management. I want to welcome you to the Pine Bluff Landfill website, a forum that provides information and education regarding our operations at the site. We will update this information periodically to keep you abreast of what we are doing from an environmental, operational and community partner standpoint.

My wife Sheryl, and our four children, Kyle (8), Joshua (9), Alison (17) and Brooke (18), moved to this area not too long ago so I could continue my career progression of over 15 years of management in the waste industry. Although we are new as a family to the area, the Pine Bluff Landfill is not. It’s hard to believe that this facility has managed waste materials for over 15 years. The Pine Bluff Landfill currently has 20 employees that work extremely hard every day to insure operations are environmentally sound and meet or exceed all local, state and federal regulations. Our site is heavily regulated by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and also held to stringent company mandated guidelines. Initiatives such as wildlife habitat preservation, generating renewable energy from waste and finding efficiencies in our processes are everyday business at Waste Management. At the Pine Bluff Landfill, we currently actively manage over 100 acres of wildlife habitat for the white-tail deer and the Eastern wild-turkey. We also utilize the methane created from decomposing waste to provide a renewable energy resource for the Pilgrim’s Pride plant just down the road. We have been a good economic partner for Cherokee County for many years and provide a host fee to them, which helps with County services.

Because of the stringent nature of our operations, it makes us proud when we hear about the good things we are doing to make our environment and our operating communities better, on the other hand, we take it very seriously when we are posed with an operational concern or question that someone may have. It is in this spirit that I welcome your comments and suggestions at any time. Feel free to contact me directly at the Pine Bluff Landfill site - (770) 479-2936 or you can contact our Community and Municipal Relations Manager, Ms. JoAnn Birrell at (770) 592-3520. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and to our continued partnerships in Cherokee County.


Brian Evola